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Do You Have Sincerely held Religious Beliefs? You Could Be Exempt…

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As some employers begin to mandate that their employees receive the Covid-19 “vaccine” as a condition of employment, more and more employees are looking for ways to avoid taking the vaccine for several reasons. Therefore, it is important for employees, as well as those who are seeking to require vaccines, gain a better understanding of the types of objections that could be used to secure their “sincerely held religious belief”.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reached a similar conclusion in Heller v. EBB Auto Co., 8 F.3d 1433, 1438 (9th Cir. 1993), where the Court held that the law “protects more than the observance of Sabbath or practices specifically mandated by an employee's religion.” The Ninth Circuit explained the rationale for this conclusion:

“To restrict the act to those practices which are mandated or prohibited by a tenet of the religion, would involve the court in determining not only what are the tenets of a particular religion, . . . but would frequently require the courts to decide whether a particular practice is or is not required by the tenets of the religion. . . . [S]uch a judicial determination [would] be irreconcilable with the warning issued by the Supreme Court in Fowler v. Rhode Island, 345 U.S 67 (1953) ‘[I]t is no business of courts to say . . . what is a religious practice or activity.’”

Perhaps your religion holds that your body is a temple of God and it must be kept pure, thereby prohibiting the injection of substances derived from the tissues of aborted babies into your body. Or perhaps your religion requires you to present your face clear and unmasked before the Lord. Maybe you just recently converted to the religion that prohibits you from receiving the “vaccine” into your body. In any event, you do not have to prove membership in a religious organization or a long-standing religious belief to qualify for protection under the law. Your employer may still fire you, but you may then have a cause of action against your employer for violating your constitutionally-protected civil rights.

It should be noted that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) holds that, in most circumstances, it is possible for employers to require an employee to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. However, this does not mean that the religious exemption is foreclosed. The employer must provide a “reasonable accommodation” to employees who have a religious objection to vaccination, provided that such accommodation does not create an undue hardship for the employer.

If you have a sincerely held religious objection to receiving the “vaccine”, then please contact us at Chain Breaker Law Firm and we may be able to help you establish your religious exemption and save your job. If you have already been fired despite expressing your religious objection to vaccination, then please contact us at Chain Breaker Law Firm, (470) 309-1441. While every case is different, we may be able to help you, and there’s no way to know if you don’t make the call.

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