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Matthew Michaud, Esq.

Personal Profile

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Since we don't like boasting, we will just share what our clients are saying:

"Professional and focused; hardworking and gets the job done right the first time. The best lawyer you can find!  Matt doesn't come across like most lawyers I have met. From the beginning of my legal needs, he took his time with the details and really got to know every aspect of my case. He asked questions clearly so he understands and it's almost like he put himself in my shoes. He is very much a straight shooter, which I appreciate. Matt is a professional, but he is also a person that you'll feel is a friend. When you choose him, you choose more than a lawyer; you choose a real advocate you can keep coming to. Thank you Matt for all your hard work, and for helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life. You made the transition easier and allowed me to focus on more important things."

Those are not my words... the above is a review from one of our clients.

                                                                                  Matthew Michaud, Esq.


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Auburn University

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Auburn University

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The University of Georgia School of Law is consistently regarded as one of the top law schools in the nation. Since 1859, the school has prepared the next generation of legal leaders.  Matthew Michaud, Esq., a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law, is one of the school's accomplished, nationally acclaimed, and internationally renowned scholars.  He is proud to be numbered among the University of Georgia School of Law's approximate 11,000 living graduates who are leading figures in law, business, and public service throughout the world. Connecting his clients to resources available to them and opportunities to resolve legal matters is central to his mission.

Master's Degree (Summa Cum Laude) in English Literature, with an emphasis on literary criticism, modernism and medieval poetry.

Matthew Michaud began his academic career at Auburn University by winning multiple awards for his impeccable scholarship on the way to earning his Bachelor's Degree in English (Magna Cum Laude), with a double minor in History and Philosophy.

Auburn University

Practicing Partner

Simone Michaud, PA.

Personal Profile


Business Operations Director,

Senior Investigative Digital Forensic Analyst

Senior Paralegal, GA, Notary Public.

Simone Michaud possesses the ability to view the legal industry and the applications of business marketing from a unique perspective. She's a unicorn in our book. Frankly, there would be no Chain Breaker Law Firm if it was not for Simone's brilliant creativity, business mindset, and drive to build-out this law firm in support of her family and others like her, who are looking for the support from a firm that has no bias because of not understanding the complexities of cultural diversity––for these reasons, we would be remiss to not make this fact come to light. Simone thought up the idea of creating this firm to address the needs of the underserved, and have placed them into action, bringing life to the firm as we know it today. Today, we have clients that spans from the USA, Japan, South Africa, into the Caribbean because of her vast knowledge, business, and interpersonal skills. She is dedicated, honest, upfront, and most of all, has a strong passion for helping people. Her ties to the Caribbean Community here in Georgia, and around the world has helped her build bridges that our company thrives on today. Her experiences have strongly impacted the way we do business and who we are as a law firm. Simone's unique education, talents, and level of expertise are second to none. For many, learning about the reality of the justice system can be intimidating, but she welcomes the challenge in order to understand its complexities and how to apply her knowledge to help make a positive impact in our client’s lives and the Caribbean community. Simone's vision and background and study of the Criminal Justice System, which she has been studying for almost two decades, along with her understanding of Business Development and Management, coupled with a Paralegal Certification which she completed in 2013, brings to the table––a well rounded set of skills that has helped to shape our firm. She has continued her studies of Alabama, Georgia, and Caribbean law since that time. She is committed to providing honest, flexible and caring service to all our clients. Simone's positivity and optimism are infectious attributes that we welcome. Currently, Simone is pursuing her MBA and the LSAT, to become a practicing attorney at our firm. We are proud to have her on board the Chain Breaker Law Firm Team.

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Simone's Mentor 


Chairman at CNB Bancorp, Inc.


Maj. Gen. (RET), Jerome Gary Cooper is a former officer of the United States Marine Corps who served as Assistant Secretary of the Air Force from 1989 to 1992, and as United States Ambassador to Jamaica from 1994 to 1997. Wikipedia

Born: October 2, 1936 (age 85 years), Lafayette, LA

EducationUniversity of Notre Dame

NephewsZach CafritzCooper Cafritz

NieceArcelie Reyes

AwardsBronze Star Medal


Me and my Best Friend_edited.jpg

"I've known Simone from she was a teenage girl growing up in beautiful Jamaica. I've watched  her growth, seen first-hand––her love for family, and have mentored her in her professional development. I can attest to her integrity and dedication in all that she aspire to achieve. There's not many people that I can truly say that I've met who has made such an impact on me over the years as an old Marine. A true person of integrity knows to give credit where credit is due. Semper fi"


 ~Maj. Gen. (RET), US Ambassador to Jamaica (RET), Jerome Gary Cooper

Major General J. Gary Cooper, USMC (ret.).jpg
Master's of Religious Art In Christian Counseling_edited.jpg

Purdue University

University of Maryland 

The Gate of Bethel 

Bible College

University of Maryland 

Simone has continued her academic career at University of Maryland Global College, where she pursued multiple academic opportunities, garnering scholarships and the praise of multiple well-known professors on the way to earning a Bachelor's Degree, majoring in Criminal Justice, with a focused minor in Business Administration, graduating with a 4.00 GPA in the last two years of studies.

In 2020, Simone earned a Master's of Religious Art In Christian Counseling, with an emphasis on Family Counseling.

Simone earned her first Certification in Business Management Foundation in 2013.

Simone Michaud began her study of law, earning a Paralegal Certification from Purdue University in 2011.

Western Governor University

Simone has continued her academic career at Western Governor University, where she pursued Master of Business Administration, garnering the praise of multiple professors. She has received an award of academic excellence as a high achiever. In 2022,  Simone was awarded with WGU Excellence Award from Vice President of Evaluation and Operations, D􏰆r. Ki􏰆rk A. Wel􏰍ter􏰆, P.E., which she graciously accepted in 2022 for her outstanding work in her Masters Degree.

WGU Execllence Award_edited.jpg

Volunteer Work



Military Certificate of Appreciation (1)

Homestead, Air-force Base

This certificate of appreciation from the Command 1st Battalion 1st Special Forces Group - Airborne for assisting as Point of Contact Liaison for the FRG on Kadina Airfare Base, Homestead, Florida 2009.



Military Certificate of Appreciation (2)

Torii Station

Okinawa, Japan.

This certificate of appreciation from the Command 1st Battalion 1st Special Forces Group - Airborne for assisting as Point of Contact Liaison for the FRG on Kadina Airfare Base, Okinawa Japan in 2011.



Military Certificate of Appreciation (3)

Torii Station

Okinawa, Japan.

This certificate of appreciation from the Command 1st Battalion 1st Special Forces Group - Airborne for assisting as Point of Contact Liaison for the FRG on Kadina Airfare Base, Okinawa Japan in 2011.


Giving is caring

Happy Team Posing

Loyalty. Trust. Honesty.


If you enjoy research, writing, history, and learning, or even project management and organizing information, please join our research team. Helping to build our repository of knowledge, your work will become the foundation of our intellectual content – and you can help from anywhere in the world! College students with an interest in law who are seeking internships and independent study opportunities are welcome.

It truly takes a village to keep families together. We need to lean on experts in law, history, political science, and philosophy to provide affordable access to resources to the people that need help. If that’s you, please consider volunteering with us.

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