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6 Simple, Effective Ways to Move Past a Narcissistic EX

Divorce is hard, but moving forward when your narcissistic ex won't leave you alone is even harder. "He gaslighted me in court, saying that I was the narcissist. He said all I was good for was pushing our two children out of my body, and called all kinds of disturbing names. No one stopped him from continuing verbally abusing me, even though it was disclosed in my court papers that I had endured years of physical and emotional abuse from him," she cried. Sadly, these situations occur all too often, and all too often the abusive narcissist, who is an expert manipulator, wins over the judge and you get the short end of the stick. While there are ways to expose their manipulation in court and achieve the best possible outcome in your legal case, you're still going to have to recover and move on emotionally.

When everything else has failed, do these things

to help ease the stress:

If you've ever struggled with moving on with your life and realize that your ex will do anything to get under your skin, here are 6 things you can do to put them behind you.

1. Do not respond to negative contact from your ex.

2. If you have children together and you will at some point have to respond to their communications, do everything you can do to ignore any negative remarks they make. In fact, you can start a new email or text message chain that does not include the negative comment from your ex ––then respond to their question in the new thread you've initiated.

3. Do not ask for favors or for anything that would allow your narcissistic ex to turn you down. This will only cause them to feel that you need their help and you cannot live without them.

4. Answer in short responses. Do not try to explain yourself in your response, simply respond kindly to the question or concerns by saying "I do not agree," or "I agree."

5. Never meet with them alone.

6. Move on with your life, make friends, pay attention to your personal appearance and your financial well-being, and work on increasing your self-esteem ––this one thing alone will drive your narcissistic ex crazy.

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